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Putian Chengxiang Jingyi Seaweed Co., Ltd
Add: Chengxiang Zone, Putian City, Fujian Province, China.
Phone: +86-594-2695090/2681733
Fax: +86-594-2687199

Sales Dept.:
Mr.Simon Xiao
Mobile phone: +86-13975158249
Mrs.Hattie Zheng
Mobile phone: +86-13656998404

Putian Chengxiang Jingyi seaweed Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Putian Chengxiang Fuli Agar Factory),  was founded in 1995 as a dedicated company developing and manufacturing food grade agar. We are now one of the biggest agar manufacturers and exporters of food grade agar in China, with an annual output of over 700 tons.

Based on innovative product base in Putian, China, Jingyi understands its capability and social responsibility to offer food grade agar consistent in quality, and reliable in test results. Jingyi is gradually winning its reputation all over the world and exerting growing influence on popularizing agar technologies towards what they are supposed to be as affordable and accessible human health care means.

Jingyi has its whole capacity for exporting, in the past 20 years, Jingyi Agar has been introduced into more than 20 countries and regions including Europe like, Middle east, Asia, and South and Central America where Jingyi as received recognition since 1995.